Aestetic Project reinvents the Aesthetic Bandage

The effective combination of spray enhancers and hyperactive bandages guarantee visible results already from the first applications.

3 bandages, combined with spray enhancers, allow you to do 3 complete reshaping treatments against cellulite blemishes, water retention, fat adiposities and tissues atony.

Roll-SHAPE Lipo: lipo-reducing action, slightly hyperemiating for legs, abdomen and buttocks.

Roll-SHAPE Cell: against cellulite blemishes and water retention.

Roll-SHAPE Cell: suitable for the area of arms and breast with toning, elasticizing and recompacting effect.

3 innovative spray formulations for localized applications, to have a focused effect and to obtain best results from the use of the bandages:

Roll-SHAPE Spray Fresh: cryo-active formulation, for an immediate draining effect

Roll-SHAPE Spray Lipo: spray with a strong hyperemiating action against fat adiposities.

Roll-SHAPE Spray Up: against loss of tone and of cutaneous elasticity

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