Optimal balance.

For combination and oily skins, prone to acne.

A specific multi-action range able to normalize the skin with impurities and imperfections. Highly effective products which purify, sooth and counteract the production of excess sebum.
It contains cutting-edge main active ingredients of plant origin:

  • Purified Peptide extracted from Pea: protects stem cells and enhances its renewal activity;
  • Spiraea Ulmaria extract: regulates the activity of sebaceous glands; it also has a strong astringent power, thus favouring the closure of dilated pores;
  • Bioactive molecules of Biological Propolis: prevent inflammatory and irritative status;
  • Mix of Mineral and Natural Microparticles: reduce the oily aspect of the skin and the “ greasy effect” caused by the sebum in excess.

Through the synergic use of products belonging to the range Iconskin Balance, the skin finds again its equilibrium and a health, bright, even and toned aspect. All the products of the range Iconskin Balance  are absolutely PRESERVATIVES FREE (added). They do not contain traces of surfactants, and are parabens and petroleum free: for this reason they are also suitable for the most sensitive and reactive skins, prone to dermatitis, irritations and allergies.

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An optimally balanced treatment for combination and greasy skins with a tendency for acne.

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