Hyperactive bandage with lipo-reducing action

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Single use bandage soaked with active ingredients with lipo-reducing action. Slightly hyperemiating, it stimulates the metabolism and reactivates the cutaneous microcirculation. Together with Roll-SHAPE sprays, you can have a complete reshaping treatment.

Guaranà Extract (lipolytic, stimulating, toning);
Phosphatidylcholine (lipolytic, stimulating);
Capsicum Extract (stimulating of microcirculation)

After the vaporization of the Roll-SHAPE Sprays, envelop the bandage on the legs-abdomen-buttocks area,

beginning from the foot, going up to the abdomen and proceeding to the opposite leg, to the ankle.

Leave to take effect for 20/25 minutes. It can be used with the aid of pressotherapy. Remove the bandage and massage the residues until completely absorbed. A slight redness is absolutely normal

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Aestetic Project reinvents the Aesthetic Bandage

The effective combination of enhancer sprays and hyperactive bandage guarantees visible results from the first applications.

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