In Aestetic Project love for nature fulfills through concrete choices:

  • Use of ingredients from plant origin: our products are made with active ingredients of plant origin, which aid to preserve the stability of the product, guaranteeing its preservation and durability. Our products are SLES free, preservatives free, silicone and propylene glycol free and they do not contain irritating surfactants.
  • Our products do not contain neither petroleum derivatives nor irritating surfactants; they are also SLES free. Waste-less and virtuous production cycles: the control of processes and the technological innovations make it possible to optimize all wastes, both the energetic ones and the human resources wastes. Our machineries are closed circuit and allow a considerable saving in water and power supplies. All our products have thus a low environmental impact and all our packaging is made of renewable raw material and of materials strictly recyclable.

Our job consists in taking and mixing pure active ingredients to create innovative formulations, that are safe and effective for your body and your face. In full compliance with people and environment.


Promoting research and innovation has always been our philosophy. Our ranges of natural and professional cosmetic products are developed and made inside a modern and at the forefront of technology plant, with its own research and development laboratory, that selects the most innovative active ingredients to develop more and more performing products. Inside the plant there is also a microbiological department modern equipment and packaging lines. An intensive research and development activity that is carried on with the aid of prestigious Institutes, such as the University of Ferrara and of Pavia. We avail ourselves of the expertise of specialists and we guarantee that our products are effective and safe because they are clinically and dermatologically tested and because raw materials are carefully selected. Our goal is to develop cutting edge products which are effective and safe. After a careful testing, we create cosmetic ranges for all skin types, paying attention to the most sensitive, intolerant and allergic ones and creating products for every daily need (cleansing, hydrating and also anti age treatments to prevent and take care of skin aging).


The reliability of our products is guaranteed by strict quality controls before they are commercialized. Among the first companies in the cosmetic field, Bionatura obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001, that guarantees optimized production and manufacturing cycles, reducing potential waste and consumption, thus respecting the environment and contributing to the energy saving. Bionatura also obtained the certification ECOCERT France for the production of natural and organic cosmetics; ECOCERT guarantees the use of plant-based ingredients and a low environmental impact. All our products are dermatologically tested at the University of Ferrara (Clinical and Experimental Medicine Dep.) and Pavia (Department of Internal Medicine and of Medical Therapy).