Active protection.

For sensitive skins with a tendency for rosacea.

A range of products highly innovative that sooth,  relieve  and gives a long-lasting sense of well-being to the sensitive skin, preventing sensitivity and rednesses. It contains cutting-edge active ingredients of plant origin.

  • Purified Peptide extracted from Pea: for protecting the stem cells and supporting their capacity for renewal;
  • Cranberry Extract: against free-radicals, with antioxidant action; it prevents rednesses, irritations and dry skin;
  • Blueberry Extract: with antioxidant and therefore protective properties, it reinforces and fortifies the walls of the capillaries, preventing and reducing the congestion typical of sensitive skins liable to rosacea;
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract: considerably reduces redness and states of irritation, preventing the premature signs of aging.

Thanks to the use of Iconskn Senses range of products, the quality of skin is visibly improved: healthier, brighter and more uniform.
Products are absolutely PRESERVATIVES FREE ADDED, for this reason they are suitable also for the most sensitive and reactive skins.

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Face treatments for sensitive skins

Specific for delicate, reactive skin, subject to couperose and capillary fragility.

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