Watchword: fight the cutaneous aging.

For mature skins.

Complete range of products for nourishing and protecting the skin and for treating the signs of aging. Its multiple action counteracts the causes and the signs of cutaneous ageing  and offer thus an excellent treatment for the skin of face , neck and décolleté. The products belonging to the range Anti Age, used daily in synergy guarantee:

  • continuous cutaneous renewal, deep hydration and nourishing, maintaining of the hydrolipidic equilibrium of the skin;
  • shock treatment for wrinkles and expression marks, with visible and long lasting results;
  • Protection against UV rays and external factors of aging and dehydration (pollution, jump in temperature,  atmospheric agents).

The skin is more compact, bright, smooth, wrinkles and expression marks are visibly reduced.

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Anti-aging face treatment

An extraordinary anti-aging treatment that can actively stimulate cellular revival and stimulate skin microcirculation.

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