From the strength of the sea a specific and intensive program for your body is born: against cellulite and water retention signed Aestetic Project.

After a selection of unique, precious and highly effective main active ingredients, Aestetic Project has created I Salini Thalassotherapy, a treatment based on the thalassotherapy, used from time immemorial because of its excellent draining properties.  The Dead Sea Salt (with its high osmotic power), the Laminariae Algae Extract ( excellent draining) and the Sea Oak Extract ( with lipolytic properties) play a leading role in this innovative range. With re-oxygenating, draining and remineralizing effects, the osmotic and lipolytic power of I Salini Thalassoterapy  is concentrated in a range of professional products: Saline Butter Scrub  (exfoliating action), Dead Sea Salt (drainage), Seaweed Serum (stimulation, lipolysis), Drenacell Saline Butter ( osmotic action, remineralization), Sea Oak Concentrate ( lipolysis, reoxygenation), Osmodinamic Drenacell Cream ( drainage, osmotic action, toning).

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