The perfect treatment for a natural push up.

LATO B treatment acts with a focused action on upper and lower buttocks, hips and outer thighs to re-shape and counteract cellulite blemishes. Contained main active ingredients are useful to reduce subcutaneous fat, to stimulate blood inflow and to firm and give elasticity. The treatment is composed of 5 different steps: the exfoliating phase, to smooth the skin, a stimulating phase and an active phase which favour the penetration of active ingredients with slimming and shaping effects. The modelling and final phase stimulate the microcirculation, tone and also hydrate. All products of LATO B are preservatives free, silicone and propylene glycol free.

To end the treatment it is recommended the use of Lato B Home Care box, useful to daily counteract cellulite blemishes and fat adiposities.

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