Deeply decongests, with intensive action

5 ml x 6 pz

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Fast absorbing intensive serum that soothes, protects and hydrates sensitive skins with fragile
capillaries. Gives a sense of immediate and long-lasting relief thanks to its active ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and that protect the veins.

Purified Peptide extracted (from Pea ‑protects stem cells); Cranberry Extract ( anti-inflammatory, antioxidant); Rhodiola Rosea extract (protective, anti-inflammatory); Blueberry Extract ( protects the veins).

During the treatment for skins that are sensitive or show signs of rosacea, before the specific mask (Comfort Mask), apply the product on face, neck and décolleté with the aid of the dosing unit provided and massage with the most appropriate technique until it has absorbed completely.

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A line of highly innovative products that can soothe, protect, give lasting comfort to delicate skin and prevent sensitivity and responsiveness.

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