Marine microelements for an enhanced drainage

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Saline Butter has a texture which is excellent against cellulite blemishes.

Its active ingredients counteract water retention thus activating the osmotic process, which is enhanced by precious marine microelements, for a detoxifying and reoxygenating action on tissues.

Dead Sea Salt ( osmotic, remineralizing)
Pink Himalayan salt (osmotic, reoxygenating)
Laminaria Digitata Extract ( stimulating metabolism);
Mix of lipophilic excipients (nourishing, emollient).

Apply a generous layer of Saline Butter on the areas to treat and activate the compound by dipping hands in a bowl filled with warm water and Dead Sea Salt, performing softing manualities, until a soft emulsion is obtained.
If necessary, perform manual lymphatic drainage massage; wrap in plastic sheet and leave to take effect for 25 minutes. Rinse with towel mitts or under the shower.

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A special kit to bring the power of the Sea to your home

The Thalassotherapy Salts follow you home for five weeks to counteract the imperfections of cellulite and water retention, localized edema, opaque and asphyxiated skin.

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