200 ml

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Slimming Scrub agisce in tre modi diversi contemporaneamente: leviga la pelle, idrata e inizia la fase di stimolazione per preparare il corpo al trattamento rimodellante per i glutei. Nutre l’epidermide e stimola il microcircolo per stimolare l’eliminazione del grasso sottocutaneo.

Shape Perfection: (reduces subcutaneous fat)
Rice granules: (exfoliating)
Ginger essential oil: (draining, and toning effect)
Indian Black Pepper essential oil: (stimulating, heating)
Pink peppercorn essential oil: (toning and elasticizing)
Argan Oil: (emollient, restoring)
Almond Oil: (emollient, elasticizing).

Apply a generous layer of product on the areas to be treated and massage with circular movements, insisting on the areas more suffering from imperfections.

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LATO B treatment acts with a focused action on upper and lower buttocks, hips and outer thighs to re-shape and counteract cellulite blemishes.

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