Lipolift Abdomen Cream


Reduces fat adiposities and firm the abdomen

150 ml

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Effective formulation with slimming and toning effect, stimulates the reduction of fat adiposities in the abdomen area and also prevents their formation. Thanks to its specific active ingredients, favours skin tone improving microcirculation and remove excess fluids.

Genistein – inhibits the formation of adipocytes
Phosphatidylcholine ‑ stimulates lipolysis
Caffeine, Carnitine stimulate cell metabolism
Spirulina Platensis ‑ stimulates lipolysis, reduces fluid retention
Natural Menthol ‑ stimulates the microcirculation
Colloidal Gold ‑ revitalizing, moisturizing

Apply morning and evening on the abdomen and massage with circular movements until it has absorbed completely.

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A focused treatment for a well-toned and redefined tummy

Exclusive treatment with Genistein (lipolityc) and Colloidal Gold (moisturizing and revitalizing) specific for the imperfections of abdominal area.

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