P ACTIVE – Fluido Preparatore


P ACTIVE – Preparative Fluid
Smoothes and brightens the skin. Softens the corneal layer.

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Its precious mix of botanical standardized AHA botanical extracts acts weakening the keratinic bonds which link corneocytes, stimulating exfoliation and cell turnover. It hydrates and recompacts the skin.

Sugarcane Extract rich in standardized Glycolic Acid – exfoliating, stimulating the skin;
Bilberry Extract rich in standardized Lactic Acid – exfoliating, hydrating, counteracts cutaneous atrophy;
Orange Extract and Lemon Extract rich in Citric Acid – exfoliating, stimulates proteins;
Sugar maple extract rich in Malic Acid and Tartaric Acid – exfoliating, hydrating.

Apply P active as the first phase of the professional treatment Punto Zero. Apply a generous layer of product on face, neck and décolleté; leave to take effect 8/10 minutes. Remove by rinsing the treated area with sponges or towel mitts and proceed then with the application of the peeling P30 and/or P50.

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Il trattamento viso professionale creato per azzerare i segni del tempo e le macchie cutanee. L’efficacia esfoliante e stimolante dell’Acido Glicolico potenziata dalla presenza di Acido Mandelico, Acido Azelaico ed estratti botanici titolati in AHA, per riportare la pelle ad uno stato originario.

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