Body Active Age


Body Active Age

Concentrated booster with intensive action. 

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Fights stretch marks and the signs of aging by giving tone and firmness to the tissues.
It contains a patented multi-active complex capable of protecting the collagen and the skin structure from new stretch marks, activating the repair processes.
Thanks to the presence of stabilized Vitamin C, it illuminates the skin, promotes the synthesis of Collagen and has an antioxidant action, preventing skin damage.
The precious Fenugreek extract protects the Collagen while maintaining skin firmness and elasticity.
It is absorbed quickly, but the release of the active ingredients is targeted.

Patented Bioactive Complex (Panthenol, Tripeptide and Marrubium Vulgare Swiss Alpine Plant Extract): prevents and repairs all types of stretch marks, protects tissue degradation, increases collagen levels and supports re-epithelialization;
Ascorbic Glucoside: stable form of vitamin C that performs multiple activities, such as inhibiting the synthesis of melanin, improving the appearance of skin spots and stimulating connective tissue for a compact appearance;
Fenugreek extract: firming, regenerating, soothing and plumping.

Apply the right amount of product to the areas to be treated until completely absorbed.
External use.
Avoid contact with eyes.

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