Body Limo Mud


Body Limo Mud

No rinse precious body mud cream. 

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Ideal to favour the draining of excess liquids. The Brenta Silt, known for its remineralizing and elasticizing activities, makes the product well-performing during the massage. Thanks to the presence of Devil’s claw and of the Extract of Arnica Montana, the product has a soothing and decongestant action. Enriched with Ginger Extract and Matcha Tea, it has a highly detoxifying, stimulating and antioxidant action.

Brenta Silt: acts against cellulite; remineralizing, detoxifying;
Devil’s claw extract: acts improving the microcirculation;
Arnica Montana Flower extract: soothing, refreshing;
Matcha tea: rich in theophylline, vitamins and minerals, it favours the lipolysis ;
Ginger Extract: re-activates the microcirculation, stimulates the lipolysis of fats and removes excess fluids.

Apply on the area to treat and massage with the most appropriate massage tecnique, until completely absorbed. External use only. Avois the contact with eyes. 

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