Foot Cream ideal to restore the skin. It nourishes, hydrates and protects.

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It helps to restore the skin barrier thanks to the high percentage of lipophilic ingredients, such as bee wax, lanolin and the oil of calendula and hypericum.
It contains the complex of iceland moss, common polypody fern and peat moss, which effectively helps in treating dry feet. Urea and plant glycerin have a humectant action, ideal to have soft and silky feet.

Complex of Iceland Moss, Common Polypody Fern and Peat Moss: filmogen, hydrating;
Urea: keratolytic, moisturizing;
Vegetable Glycerin: moisturizing, humectant;
Bee Wax: nourishing, protective;
Lanolin: nourishing, moisturizing;
Essential Oil of Calendula: nourishing, moisturizing;
Essential Oil of White Thyme: deodorizing, antibacterial;
Essential Oil of Hyssop: protective and soothing in case of dark nails due to hematomas
Essential Oil of Tagetes: soothing, softens calluses
Essential Oil of Lavender: ideal to treat blisters

Apply morning and evening on the cleansed skin. Apply and adequate dose of product on the foot, gently massaging until completely absorbed. Da usare mattina e sera.External use only. Avoid the contact with eyes.

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