Micox Nail Lotion


Micox Nail Lotion

Intensive lotion ideal to protect toenails from external aggressions.

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It strengthens the keratin.
The Salicylic Acid exerts an intensive keratolytic action preventing fungal and bacterial infections.
The Lemon Essential Oil strengthens brittle nails.
Camphor and Menthol act in synergy exerting a protective and soothing action.

Salicylic Acid: antimycotic, keratolytic;
Complex of Iceland Moss, Common Polypody Fern and Peat Moss: filmogen, hydrating;
Urea 10%: hydrating, humectant;
Menthol, Camphor: antibacterial, slight analgesic action;
Essential Oil of Tea Tree: antibacterial, fungicide;
Essential Oil of White Thyme: deodorizing, antibacterial;
Lemon Essential: nails strengthening action, antibacterial.

Apply the lotion on the toenail with the applicator and let it dry thoroughly.
External use only. Avoid the contact with eyes.

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